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The NNWP celebrates its Consultants who've created websites about teaching and writing:

Always Write
(Grades K-12)

Start to Learn


Making Mathematicians

(Grades K-12)

Learning is Messy

(Grades 4-6)

Write in the Middle

(Grades 6-8)

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WritingFix: Sharing Quality Writing Lessons
techniques strategically designed to "fix" reluctant writers and writing teachers

Our Northern Nevada resource website freely shares with the world! Here in Northern Nevada, our local writing project (the NNWP) will continue to sponsor this WritingFix website, which we launched back in 2001. In 2011, our tenth year, we faced massive budget cuts to our program, but we will keep the lessons, resources, and inservice ideas posted here over our ten years of growth. We inspired teachers locally and globally during our peak of popularity, and even though we are not growing like did during the heyday, we are here. On-line. And we are not going away.

If you navigate this website's menu bar (at left, in the light blue area), you will quickly discover pages dedicated to our local inservice classes and their instructors, as well as links to hundreds of complete writing lessons developed during local workshops we ran between 2001 and 2011. Our lessons include thousands of student samples submitted by teachers all over the world who--even though they're not from Northern Nevada--use our posted materials to inspire their students to write.

True enough, WritingFix was built specifically for Northern Nevada teachers, but the world has since discovered what excellent resources our NNWP is sharing here, and we welcome teachers and students from anywhere who are looking for inspiration.

We still meet a lot of teachers who simply do not enjoy teaching writing. WritingFix is about "fixing" all teachers' perception until they realize how important and how wonderful writing instruction can actually be when it's done well and for authentic, real-world reasons.

Please, enjoy and share the philosophies and materials we freely post for teachers all over the world at our website. If you're using any of our materials outside your classroom, be sure to visit our permissions page to be sure you are not violating our copyright, which is in place to protect our teacher contributors and our published students.

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We Have Selected 2012-13's Mentor Texts of the Year!
In September of 2012, our fifth year of the Mentor Text of the Year Program, which we started at WritingFix back in 2008, will kick off. Each Summer, we select two complementary texts, and we focus many of the lessons of the month for the upcoming school year on the lessons learned from these books.

Because of budget cuts, we have been downsizing WritingFix so that it can exist on a smaller server, but WritingFix's webmaster--Corbett Harrison--will keep this program going by posting new lessons based on these books at his own website. Click here to access not only this year's MTotY lessons but also all previous years' lessons. The books we have chosen for 2012-13 are The Boy Who Loved Words (by Roni Schotter) and Vocabulary Unplugged (by Alana MorrisFletcher). Our "Year of Vocabulary" will begin with the posting of September 2012's Writing Lesson of the Month. If you're not yet a member of our Ning, you can join now, and the lesson will be automatically e-mailed to you

With each of our monthly writing lessons posted at our Ning next school year, we will be featuring an idea or quote from one or both of these books.

We hope you'll join us as we continue year five of this program that began here at WritingFix thanks to the Northern Nevada Writing Project.

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Celebrating the NNWP Consultants' New Publications and On-line Resources!
Math and writing? Go figure! NNWP Consultant and middle school teacher extra-ordinaire--Holly Young--is proud to share her first published book--The UnderAchievers. Holly specifically designed this book to help her teach fractions to the depth outlined in the Common Core Math Standards.

Holly passionately believes that every child has an inner mathematician and an inner writer inside them, and by publishing this book, she proved that to her students.

You can order Holly's picture book about math (as a book or as an eBook) and receive a 10% discount. Use this link to order, and after adding the book to your cart, enter this code--GL87R--in the coupon box, and update your order to receive the discount.

Our congratulations to Holly, who also coordinated NumberFix here at WritingFix, on her first publication.

Our NNWP's most amazing & dedicated kindergarten/writing teacher--Jodie Black--is featuring a brand new writing guide, which is available at her personal website: www.teacherjodieblack.com.

Start Common Core Writing is a series of thirteen lessons aligned with the Common Core State Standards. Kindergarten and primary teachers will find these lessons to be user friendly, timeless and fun while meeting requirements for the three important genres in Common Core.

If you loved Jodie's best-selling NNWP guide Start to Write, you are going to need Start Common Core Writing. Visit her website to find out more—click on the link at the left!

We wish our friend Jodie--former Co-Director of the NNWP and National Board Certified teacher--all the luck in the world with her second guide on primary writing instruction!

WritingFix's own webmaster--Corbett Harrison--is working on two projects this summer: one project with his wife (NNWP Consultant Dena Harrison) and another with one of his favorite teaching colleagues, NNWP Consultant Jenny Hoy.

With his lovely wife, Dena, Corbett is developing a new resource to enhance his first ten minutes of class every day--his students' Sacred Writing Time, a tradition he brought with him from the NNWP's Summer Institute. During SWT, students grab their writer's notebooks and develop a thought or idea for the first ten minutes of class. Using the writing of Ralph Fletcher, students learn to observe the world with a "writer's eyes" so that when Corbett and Dena give them ten minutes to write every day, they have something to write about. Corbett and Dena's Sacred Writing Time Inspirational PowerPoint slides (available for purchase on August 10 this summer) provide a daily prompt to write about for those students who forget to come to class with a solididea for writing. Each slide contains a holiay, a trivial fact, an inspirational quote, and a vocabulary word. Corbett & Dena and developing a daily slide for every school day of the year, from August 15 to June 15. You can access the first seventeen slides in this project by clicking here.

With his fellow middle school (grades 6-8) colleague, Jenny Hoy, Corbett is developing a set of Writer's Notebook/Workshop Menus that provide an additional level of support for students using his Writer's Notebook Bingo Cards. These culturally-themed menus are designed to both spark creativity and to help students thoughtfully pre-write for expository, persuasive, and narrative rough drafts for upcoming writer's workshops. The entire set will be available on August 10, but you can sneak-peek the Italian Menu by clicking here.

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Helping You Find Resources from WritingFix's Inservice Classes and Teacher Workshops
Mentor Texts

A Mentor Text --here is the definition from Corbett Harrison (one of the NNWP's very own consultants with his own website for teachers!)-- is a published piece of writing whose idea, whose structure, or whose written craft can be used to inspire a student to write something original.

Quite a few of our Northern Nevada teacher workshops focus on lesson design around a specific type of mentor text. Using the lessons posted at WritingFix, it is very easy for us to design an entire inservice workshop where teachers study a number of really good mentor text-inspired writing lessons, then work together to create original lessons around mentor texts from their own classroom bookshelves.

Finding these lessons: With the light-blue menu bar found in the upper left-hand corner of all WritingFix pages, if you hover over "Mentor Text Lessons," you will discover a drop-down menu of the types of mentor texts we've designed workshops around in Northern Nevada.

Writing Traits

Comparatively to other regions, Northern Nevada teachers have had a fairly long and generally positive relationship with the writing traits. Since 1980, our NNWP has been offering regular and interactive workshops on the six traits of writing, so when traits became the language of our state writing assessment rubrics a little while back, we took the news better than many states who'd had a different history.

Just about every inservice class currently offered by the NNWP makes some reference to the writing traits. Because it can be such a foundational topic in improving writing instruction, we do offer certain workshops that are very trait focused.

Finding these resources: In the light-blue menu bar found in the upper left-hand corner of all WritingFix pages, if you hover over "The 6 Writing Traits," you will discover a drop-down menu of trait-focused materials we use in our workshops.

Genres/Modes of Writing

Good writing can achieve many different purposes. Our students need exposure to exciting lessons that will help them learn about each genre of writing and apply their new knowledge with original writing that feels important or valuable to them.

Every school year, the NNWP offers local inservice classes that help teacher participants make new connections about the genres of writing. Participants analyze lessons about genre, then they collaborate to create original lessons for their classrooms. At WritingFix, we've developed resource pages to go with each genre of writing. These pages contain lessons and mentor text suggestions specific to the genre. If you can't attend our face-to-face version of the class, these pages offer you an opportunity to analyze the same lessons we use during our classtime.

Finding these resources: On the blue menu bar found in the upper left-hand corner of all WritingFix pages, hover over "Writing Genres" and select one of the genres/modes that interests you.

Writing Across the Curriculum

Writing is not a skill, tool, or curriculum that belongs to the Language Arts teachers. It should not be something that exclusively happens during literacy block. Any teacher, no matter what the content of a lesson, can challenge deeper student thinking by requiring students to write before, during, and/or after the learning occurs.

But you can't simply assign writing to your students and expect your lesson to become better. As part of your lesson, you must teach writing --the skills, the process, and/or the qualities--if your goal is to deepen students' thinking. Our inservice classes on Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) help teachers find ways to teach writing with more content than they currently are. Most of the WAC workshops we offer have a companion page here at WritingFix.

Finding these resources: In the light-blue menu bar found in the upper left-hand corner of all WritingFix pages, if you hover over "Across the Curriculum," you will see our WAC topics, including links to our "sister sites," HistoryFix, NumberFix, and ScienceFix.

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